I 258. (August 20, 2019) : Pinki Devi – Story of Change 

Pinki Devi hails from a small village of kashipur, banikodar block, from Barabanki district. Coming from a  social category of backward classes, living within the vicinity of poverty, Pinki had to face a lot of barriers. Both social, and economical. From having no source of livelihood to being caged at home, Pinki had nowhere to go.

Change began in Pinki’s life in 2017 when she joined Phoolmati self-help group.

“You might have heard a lot of stories where lot of women have joined SHGs, taken money out of it and are now happy. My story is no different from the rest, but mine is very special for me as it gave me a way of living. Today the monthly income of my family is Rs 20,000.”

After joining SHG, Pinki took money out of her Shg on various accounts –

Rs 25,000 for opening a sewing center
Rs 5000 for purchasing a cow
Rs 10,000 for paying off debts
Rs 20,000 for agricultural products

Pinki has fought a lot of barriers to unshackle herself and her family from the claws of deep rooted poverty. She now holds the position of a treasurer in her Shg and Village Organisation. She has made more than 10 SHGs in her village and other districts as well.

“The way I benefited from my SHG, I want my other sisters to flourish as well. My SHG has taught me never to keep our teachings limited to ourself we should spread it so that other people are also benefited. In this way our society will grow and prosper.”