I 261. (September 06, 2019) : Transformation of Shanti Kori in to a powerful Community Resource Person : 

While I was participating in one Annprasan program held at Kutta village of Dhanpatganj block, one woman who was having significant confidence on her face came to me and shared the heart touching story of her life transformation. She was Shanti Kori  bahan belonging to a poorest of poor family at Kutta village of Dhanpatganj block under CRDC Amethi of RGMVP. There was no land for her family. In her family, there were five members consisting of husband, herself, one daughter and two sons. Her house was thatched mud walled. Her family was living in very miserable condition. Family used to face hardship to make both ends meet. She experienced discrimination among inter castes in her village and surrounding society. Since her daily wage was the only source of income, people did not lend money to her family due to her poverty.

She tried to take membership of SHG in her village but her husband did not allowed her. It is true that if the woman of the house feels that this work is good for her family, she will definitely do it. Thus she joined Pooja SHG without informing her husband. She had leadership quality and became the treasurer of the VO too. After six months of formation of her SHG, one day, her son became seriously ill suddenly. The family did not get money from any where in the entire village. On that day her SHG helped her by providing a loan of Rs 3,000 for her son’s treatment.

She was a fast learner. She took loan and purchased 15 biswa of land in her name and started agriculture. She learned and prepared about twenty piles of compost for her own cultivation and facilitated other women to make more then fifty piles of compost. She is producing seed also. She is an ajivika sakhi in RGMVP. She has rich knowledge in health aspects also. Her daughter pursued Masters Degree in Art. Sons have passed in 12 and 10 classes respectively. Now both are doing good business of their own i.e., curtain film business by one and plumber shop by the other. She bought a push cart/thela for selling fruits, groundnut etc season wise.

She had borrowed money on many occasions from her SHG for diverse activities,
1. Rs 3, 000 for treatment of her son.
2. Rs 4, 000 for education of daughter.
3. Rs 15, 000 for agriculture land purchasing.
4. Rs 5, 000 for pull cart/thela.
5. Rs 20, 000 for purchasing of diesel engine for self use and hire.
6. Rs 50, 000 for establishing plumber shop.

Now she has four income generating activities with the family. Out of them few are seasonal like curtain film, engine hiring, etc. Now she has a house of two brick walled rooms in place of thatched mud house. She formed 20 SHG and one VO through her leadership. Now her family is very happy. When I asked about her dream, she smiled and gave a very nice answer. She wants to see the transformation in the life of other poor like her. She will motivate and help them.

From her story, we understand that really the SHG is for the benefit of poor and vulnerable families. Since they value it and make efforts with strong belief, they succeed to transform their lives. The kind of community resource like Shanti Kori becomes very powerful for mobilizing other poor and needy families for formation of community institutions.

K S Yadav, September 06, 2019