I 264. (September 19, 2019) : Rupawati unleashes her potential as entrepreneur through the support of her SHG:

In rural Uttar Pradesh, most of the women are employed in the agriculture activities, and of course this is seasonal. They have some free time after daily works. In this scenario, RGMVP organises women into Self Help Groups and their Federations at village and block levels. These institutions act as unified platform to address their socio-economic challenges. Through collectivization, these women can get access to opportunity and challenge social and cultural hierarchies. SHGs members avail loans to start income generating activities, access information about banking norms, and their right and entitlements and also related to preventive health.

With this approach the use and spread of the social network in creating institution, RGMVP has formed the SHGs in Jatipur block in Shahjahanpur district. “Mohandas” group has been created in May, 2015 by SHG volunteer, comprised of 11 members and started saving and credit activity. Rupawati, age 32 years, is an active SHGs member of this group. She belongs the OBC community and is having three children. Her husband was employed as agri-labourer and both are educated only up to primary level.

After joining the group, she has been participating in different type of the life skill training organised by the RGMVP. Both she and her husband had decided to start income generating activity and she borrowed Rs 7,000 from her group saving and started a ‘Chaat Shop’ in near by market. When she repaid the loan amount, again she availed Rs 10,000 for a seasonal micro business activity (Rakhi Shop) in the festive season. After repaying the amount, again she availed the Rs 15,000 in Holi season to purchase and sell the Colours (Rang). By now she has become a confident women entrepreneur.

After running small business well, she thought of investing money in slightly larger business. She decided to invest to establish a water purifier and chilling plant in their village.

After availing the CCL Rs 100,000 from the rural bank by the SHG, Jatipur she took Rs 85,000 loan amount from the bank ccl and added Rs. 200,000 by way of own contribution and established a plant in their village.

Now she is very confident to run their business very successfully and become an example for others women in their village. Rupawati says, “Because of the Self Help Group, my status has been changed in my family, I am actively involved in all decisions taken and I supplement the earing of our family.

Now each family member, as well as society is paying respect to her as a successful and capable woman.

Vinay Kumar Singh, September 19, 2019