I 267. (October 03, 2019) :How her SHG helped illiterate Shyama to improve her economic condition : 

She is Shyama, a successful member of Chetna SHG under RGMVP in Brahmani village of Bahadurpur block, Amethi district. There are 6 members in this poor family comprising of husband, herself, 3 daughters and a son. She has 3 bigha of unfertile land, which was not sufficient to cope up with the requirements of the family. Members were facing poverty. After joining the SHG in September 2009 she has taken following financial assistance:

1.Rs 10, 000 to purchase a pushcart for selling groundnut and other miscellaneous edible items in Fursatganj market.

  1. Rs 15, 000 towards purchase of a milch buffalo. By now she has one buffalo and 2 she buffalo heifers, which are likely to come in calving stage soon. She is supplying buffalo milk in Fursatganj market.
  2. Rs 10,000 for repairing of house.

From the 3 income generation activities i.e. sale of milk, sale of misc. items on pushcart and agriculture, income of the family comes between Rs 8, 000 and Rs. 10, 000 per month and family is out of poverty. Family members are now economically in comfortable position. Shyama is illiterate but now after coming in to the group, she can sign. Her all the children are school going. For this happiness Shyama gives very high weightage to her group, which is running well.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, October 03, 2019