I 268. (October 05, 2019) : Savitri breaks the norm and purchases land in her name :

Savitri of Chari ka Purva village in Amava block in Raebareli district is a SHG member since 2008. She had never attended school. Before SHG, she lived in a mud house, faced severe conditions of poverty even though her family had 3.5 bhiga of land because the land was unfertile. When she needed Rs. 100 for treatment, she had to borrow even that small amount from moneylender at the rate of Rs. 10 per month as interest. She had to redeem that loan by paying Rs. 150 with great difficulty.

The name of her SHG is Radha. She said that the SHG had transformed her life. She could improve her economic condition by borrowing money from SHG and investing in liveleihood generation.

She took Rs. 10,000 loan from her SHG and purchased two bullocks and a cart. Her husband started to earn Rs.400-600 per day through this investment. Her next loan was for purchasing a high yielding buffalo for which she took Rs. 30,000 loan from SHG. After repayment of these loans, she took loan again and purchased another 2 pairs of bullock for giving on hire for tilling land. She also took Rs. 55,000 loan from SHG and constructed two brick walled rooms for living. She also purchased land in her name worth Rs. 100,000. All these development in her family has happened because of her strict loan management and diligence. The land was purchase in her name breaking the normal village norm. She said that she never thought that she would live in a brick house in her lifetime before she joined SHG. However SHG made her to dream and realize that dream.

P S Mohanan, October 05, 2019