I 272. (November 11, 2019) :  Sharda’s journey of empowerment:

Sharda is a successful member of Laxmi SHG under RGMVP in Kodra village of Kalakankar block in Pratapgad district. Sharda has 5 members in her family i.e. husband, herself and 3 daughters. She has 1.5 bigha of land, which was not being cultivated properly for want of resources for agriculture. She was very poor before coming in SHG. After joining SHG in 2011, she had taken following financial support from her self-help group:

1 Rs 10, 000 for carrying out agricultural activities in the family land

2 Rs15, 000 for cultivation and education of children

3 Rs 20, 000 for purchase of buffalo

4Rs 75, 000 for opening kirana shop in Sangramgarh market. This Shop is economically viable and total earning per day is between Rs 800 and Rs. 1000

Now she has 3 income generation activities i.e. agriculture, sale of buffalo milk and kirana (provision) shop. Monthly income of the family is between Rs 20, 000 and Rs 25, 000.

Consequent to these livelihood activities, there is no poverty in the family and her daughters are getting education in good school. Sharda is educated up to high school and presently she is working as Community Volunteer for RGMVP in the block. She is president of her Group, treasurer in Village Organization as well as BO. As such she has very good attachment with her group.  She gives total credit to her SHG and Federations for her social and economic transformation.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, November 11, 2019