I 273. (November 13, 2019) : Nirmala’s Success Story:

She is Nirmala, a successful member of Jai Bajrangbali SHG of RGMVP in Tarauna village of Bahadurpur block in Amethi district. Nirmala has a small family of 4 members i.e. husband, self and 2 daughters. She was very poor before joining the group. Husband was working as a casual labourer.  Members of this Scheduled Caste family were living in crisis. After joining the group, Nirmala has taken following financial assistance from the group and changed her economic condition:

  1. Rs 40, 000 towards self-employment by installation of atta chakki (flour) and mini rice mill.
  2. Portion of land belonging to her husband, measuring an area of 2.5 bigha was in the name of the elder brother of her husband. Nirmala got this land registered in his name for which she arranged the registration fee of Rs. 50,000 by availing loan from her SHG.
  3. Rs 30, 000 again from the group for leveling of the above land and making it suitable for cultivation. She and her husband started cultivating the land for livelihood in addition to the atta chakki.
  4. Rs 10000 for education
  5. Rs 30, 000 towards construction/repairing of house.

Atta chakki and mini Rice mill established out of group loan are running well giving income between Rs 10, 000 and Rs 12, 000 per month. Family is out of poverty and members are enjoying happy life. Nirmala is illiterate but now she can sign.  Her both daughters are getting education in a good school. Apart from economic freedom, she has got recognition in the society because of her SHG, which is very well operated.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, November 13, 2019