Improved Healthcare

Name:  Alimunnisha w/o Tasauwar,

GP Name: Pandri

Village Gurjan Purwa

VO– Ambedkar Mahila Gram Sangathan

Block– Harakh, Barabanki

Alimunnisha w/o Tasauwar belongs to a Muslim family. She is a resident of Village Gurjan purwa block Harakh, Barabanki. Alimunnisha hasn’t had any education and is an illiterate, while her husband has studied only till class 5th. Alimunnisha and her family are stuck in deep poverty, and their life is merely depended on labor work. On 23rd May 2018, Alimunnisha, delivered twins. Adding two more kids to her family of 4 already. She had 2 kids before the delivery.

In one of the routine visit of TW, Smt. Sunita Devi ISC and Smt Geeta office bearer from Ambedkar Mahila Gram Sangthan, went to visit Alimunnisha’s family. During their interaction with them they discovered that the delivered children both girls weighed 2Kg & 1.800 Kg respectively. Which proved to be a high risk for their survival. Alimunnisha was highly concerned about the health of her newborns, but had no clue as what she should do to improve their health.

ISC Sunita, consoled her and told her about some of the methods that she could follow – which included the regular KMC, exclusive breast feeding, identification of the danger signs and tips for extra care of the newborn. ISC Sunita, also appointed and requested Sakhi Neelu to ensure daily home visit at Alimunnisha’s place to monitor if she follows the steps that were suggested to her. By following and practicing the Regular KMC method (day & night) and exclusive breast feeding (day & night) the children gradually started to gain weight.

During the process Alimunnisha complained that her newborns are suffering from diarrhea. To which Neelu suggested her to continue the breast feeding, KMC and maintain personal hygiene. After one month both the children were seen gaining weight. They weighed around 3.00 Kg now. Resulting in a happy and healthy family.

This isn’t just one story, there are hundreds of stories that are similar. Alimunisha’s story is just one among the hundred.