189. (March 29, 2019): Ranno Devi : SHG becomes her savior:

She is Ranno Devi, member of Pawan  SHG in Chhedi Miyan ka Purwa village of Salon block, Amethi. Ranno comes from the poorest and landless family of the village. Her husband expired two years before leaving two sons and a daughter under her care. Ranno Devi was at a loss. The burden of poverty and helplessness weighed too much for her to bear. The boys had studied up to high school and the family could not afford to continue their education. The girl was attending school. It was difficult for her to make both ends meet. During this miserable condition, the SHG came to her rescue. She has availed the following financial support from the group:

  1. Rs 10, 000 for opening small restaurant on the road adjacent to the village. This restaurant is running very well. Her eldest son manages the restaurant.
  2. Rs 25, 000 towards purchase of a push cart and other items needed  for selling chatchaumin and other  snacks in neighbouring market and villages. Her younger son is taking care of the business on pushcart.

From these two income generation activities, family is earning Rs 600 to Rs. 700 daily. Her daughter is doing the intermediate course. Ranno is illiterate but now after coming in to the group she has learned to put her signature. Family is out of poverty and  members are happy. Ranno gives total credit of her happiness and social standing to her group, which is well operated.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, 29 March 2019