193. (March 31, 2019):Anara Devi’s social and economic empowerment: 


Anara Devi is a member of Maya SHG under RGMVP in Saraiya Bargaon village of Sangrampur block in Amethi. There are seven members in her family consisting of husband, wife, three daughters, a son and daughter-in-law. The family owns less than two bigha of land. Family was facing poverty before Anara joined the group.  She joined SHG in the year 2012. SHG served as a platform for women like her to come together, breaking the social norm of village women confining to the four walls of their homes. Economic empowerment started with the savings in the group. As she gained confidence, she started borrowing money from her group to meet her requirements.

  1. Her first loan from SHG was Rs 500 for education of her daughter.
  2. Next she took Rs 5,000 for buying inputs for agriculture in the land owned by the family.
  3. Rs 15, 000 for purchase of a Sahiwal-breed cow giving 8 to 9 kg milk daily.
  4. Rs 5, 000 towards purchase of sewing machine for her daughter.
  5. Rs 25, 000 in connection with treatment of her son.

Thus, she has availed a cumulative loan of Rs 50, 500. Availability of funds for immediate requirements of the family was a great relief to the poor family. Outlook to the life and attitude changed. She could educate her daughter. She got motivated to improve the farming, as knowledge and finance were available from SHG. Knowledge and motivation for better dairy practices that she gained from SHG system and availability of finance from SHG motivated her to invest in high yielding variety of cow.

Now, there are three income generation activities with the family i.e. agriculture, tailoring and sale of cow milk. Her family has come out of poverty. Family members are very happy and Maya’s SHG is running well.

She has made all out efforts to give education to her children. All are school going. Anara is illiterate but after coming in to the group she learned to sign. She is also involved in social work as she grasped the opportunity to give leadership. Presently she is volunteering as meeting sakhi in Sangrampur block, guiding other SHGs. Giving leadership is giving her yet another level of confidence and satisfaction. She gives credit of her happiness to the group.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, 31 March 2019