198. (March 31, 2019): Anju becomes a progressive farmer:


Anju is a successful member of Deep SHG in Manshahpur village of Musafirkhana block in Amethi district. She was very poor before joining SHG. She has nine members in her family.   After coming in to the group she made good use of the financial access provided by the SHG. She has so far enjoyed total financial assistance of Rs 85, 000 from her SHG for various activities as under:

  1. Anju has two bigha of land but she was not in a position to get better returns because of having no source of irrigation. She borrowed Rs 40, 000 from the group and purchased diesel pump set. Now she is doing progressive farming and getting very good return.
  2. Rs 10, 000 for purchase of agricultural inputs.
  3. Rs 25, 000 for purchase of milch buffalo.
  4. Rs 10, 000 for purchase of a cow.

From the income generated out of better cultivation and sale of milk the family of Anju has come out of poverty. She is educated up to 8th class and involved in social work. Presently she is working as meeting sakhi. Lot of transformation has taken place in the direction of economic empowerment and family members are very happy. Her all three children are school-going. She has deep faith in her SHG, which is running well.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, 31 March 2019