197. (March 31, 2019): Krishna’s success story:


She is Krishna, a successful woman of Madarshah SHG in Gunrur village of Gauriganj block in Amethi district. There are six members in her family comprising of three daughters, a son, husband and wife. She has 16 biswa of own land. She is educated up to 8th class. Family of Krishna was facing severe poverty. Once she joined her SHG, she gained knowledge and confidence in better agriculture. She started cultivating three more bighas of land taken on batai (a type of lease). This has changed her family’s condition for the better. She has taken loan from SHG to the tune of Rs 98, 000 for various activities as under:

  1. Rs 3, 000 for purchase of tailoring machine.
  2. Rs 20, 000 for purchase of buffalo.
  3. Rs 40, 000 to establish furniture shop for her husband.
  4. Rs 10, 000 for agriculture.
  5. Rs 25, 000 for education of children.

Now the family has four income generation activities i.e. tailoring, agriculture, furniture shop and dairy. Family is out of poverty and there is significant change in the family status. Her all the children are educated. Krishna is another example that reinforces RGMVP’s belief that given the right environment, women can raise their social status and prosper through their own institutions, by setting their own agenda.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, 31 March 2019