196. (March 31, 2019): Dhannu’s Empowerment: 

Dhanau is successful member of Madarshah SHG in Gunrur village of Gauriganj block in Amethi district. Her group was formed in 2007. There are nine members in her family. She has only five biswa of land and she was very poor. However SHG gave her a new lease of life. After coming in SHG she availed total financial assistance of Rs 1,02,500for different activities as under:

  1. Rs 30, 000 to establish a vegetable shop by the roadside adjacent to the village.
  2. Rs 20, 000 for purchase of milch cow.
  3. Rs 30, 000 in connection with treatment.
  4. Rs 15, 000 towards construction of house
  5. Rs 5,000 for purchase of goats
  6. Rs 2,500 for cultivation on one bighaof batai land.

It was the SHG that helped her to start a livelihood activity. She could learn and take courage to do farming on one bigha of lease land, apart from the small parcel of land she owned. Now the family has four income generation activities i.e. goat rearing, agriculture, vegetable shop and sale of milk. The vegetable shop is major one giving good returns. Family of Dhanau has come out of poverty and members in the family are enjoying happy life. All her children are educated. She is illiterate housewife and now after joining group she can sign. Her SHG is running very well. She gives full credit to her SHG for all her development.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, 31st March 2019