INDS 200. (March 31, 2019):Malti frees her land from moneylender and improves her economic condition: 


Malti is a successful woman of Raj SHG under RGMVP in Dayalpur village of Kalakankar block, Pratapgad district. There are seven members in her family i.e. husband,  wife, three daughters, a son and  mother-in-law. Family of Malti was facing acute poverty. Her two bigha of land was pledged to moneylender. Husband was working as casual labourer.

After joining the group, she properly utilized the newfound access to financial resources. She has taken following financial assistance from her SHG:

  1. She took Rs 35, 000 loan in two occasions (Rs15, 000 and Rs. 20, 000) for making payment to moneylender to whom her two bigha of land was pledged. Having freed herself from the clutches of moneylender, her family started cultivating the land for growing vegetables and cereals. Agriculture became the main source of income for the family. SHG helped her for agricultural activity.
  2. She took Rs 16, 500 loan on three occasions i.e. Rs 5,000, Rs. 4,500 and Rs 7,000 for purchasing agricultural inputs.
  3. She borrowed Rs 10, 000 from SHG to meet medical expenses
  4. She took Rs 50, 000 loan from SHG for installation of bore well in her field and improve the irrigation facility
  5. Her father-in-law had borrowed some money from local moneylender at very high rate of interest, which she repaid by taking loan of Rs  33,000 from her group.

Husband of Malti is growing different kinds of vegetables and selling the same in the neighboring markets. Malti has purchased few goats and she is also keeping a parchoon shop all through the surpluses she generated from agriculture.

Now she has four income generation activities i.e. agriculture and vegetable cultivation, goat rearing, vegetable business and parchoon shop. Family has come out of poverty and family members are enjoying a happy life. All her children are school going. Eldest daughter is a student of B.A. 2nd year and also member of Young Women Self Help Group in the village.

Malti is educated up to intermediate and she is guiding other SHGs of the village. She has developed leadership skills and volunteers as an Internal Social Capital for health Behavior Change program in RGMVP in Kala Kankar block. This noticeable improvement in the family could be possible only because of her SHG.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, 31st March 2019