Investing in Livelihoods

Ramlali, a member of Satyam Mahila self-help group in Maharajganj block in Rae Bareilly district joined the SHG in 2001 and has a big family. A few years back, with only 5 acres of land and no major sources of livelihoods, it was difficult for her family to meet the daily needs. When she came to know about the self-help group in the village, she wished to join it. However, her husband who was ill at that time did not want her to join the Self-help group. But later, she not only joined the SHG but also took an initial loan of 2,000 and got her husband treated. Thereafter, she took a loan of 15,000 and bought a Tonga for her husband. Then also took a loan of 30,000 for investment in farming. She also bought her own land by taking a loan of 25,000. She has been successfully repaying all loans and currently representing as a treasurer of the group.


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