Janki Devi – SHG brings her happiness and well-being

Janki Devi is a member of Singarmati SHG of RGMVP in Rampur village of Sadwa Chandrika block of Pratapgad district. She belonged to a poor family of 5 members with one bigha land. After coming to the group, she took the following financial assistance from her SHG:

1- Rs 25000 for the purchase of milch buffalo. At present this buffalo is pregnant and in the previous lactation, it was giving 7 liters of milk daily.

2- Rs 12000 for the purchase of one she-buffalo heifer, which is now pregnant and likely to come in lactation soon.

3-Rs 9000 for the cultivation of land and for treatment of her husband. On her one bigha land, she is growing different kinds of vegetables, which she sells in nearby markets. The entire loan availed by her has since been repaid by her.

According to her, her family has come out of poverty. The SHG has also helped her to think and visualize better. She has plans to install a bore well and pump set for better cultivation of her land to maximize returns from her land. She has broken social norms and has succeeded in having a small family with two children. Though she studied only up to 5th class, Janki Devi wants to educate both her children as much as they wish. She and her all the family members are now happy and transformation is visible. She gives high weight to her group for her success and well being in life.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, January 2019