74. Kabbuni’s Aspiration 

Smt. Kabunni is a member of Hardeobaba SHG in Maulvi Khurd village of Bahadurpur block in Amethi district of Uttar Pradesh. Her’s is a very poor and landless family of 9 members in the village. Smt Kabunni has 8 children and her husband died about 2 years back. Her SHG gave her courage to face the traumatic family condition. She had no other way than to stand on her own and her SHG is supporting her. She availed loan of Rs 50000 from her group and purchased 2 milch buffaloes and started rearing them. Dairying and sale of milk became the source of livelihood for the family. She has by now repaid more than 60 % of the loan. Two of her sons who are not educated are laborers.  Her next plan is to avail another loan and purchase a pushcart for selling fruits and vegetables in the neighboring market at Jais. This will be a viable income generation activity for the family. The members of the SHG who are like her sisters are helping this illiterate woman to have hope and aspiration in life. There is compassion among the members. Because of her illiterate status and extreme poverty, she could not provide education to her children. Now, as the position is slowly improving, she has plans to send her younger children to school in the next schools season.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, January 2019