Kailashi is changed woman!

Kailashi is the member of  Ekta SHG in Devarh village of PP Kamaicha block in Pratapgad district falling under Amethi region of RGMVP. SHG has given tremendous strength to this illiterate woman belonging to a poor, landless family. Her sons are farm laborers. After joining the group, she availed a cumulative loan of Rs 89000/- from her group and made the following investments on different occasions:

  • Repaired her house by investing Rs. 9000.
  • Invested rs. 40,000 in starting a dairy activity with two milch animal
  • Started a Small provision shop with Rs. 20, 000
  • Invested Rs 15000/- for the marriage of a daughter.

She repays her loan from her two income-generating activities. Where did this poor illiterate and shy woman get the courage to borrow, invest and take charge of her family? Post SHG, she is a changed woman with tremendous confidence and self-esteem. Household poverty has been reduced substantially. Her SHG is running well and she has good faith in her group.

P S Mohanan and C S Pandey December 2018