Kamla Devi’s faith in her SHG

Kamla Devi is member of Raj SHG in Musepur village of PP Kamaicha block. She is an example of woman breaking hierarchies through the SHG system of RGMVP. She belonged to the poor category of households in the village. Her family of 7 members had just one bigha cultivable land (0.66 acre). The group empowered her to borrow money from it for investment in income generating activities. The SHG taught her about the importance of educating her children and she focused on educating them. She took loan of Rs 10000 from her group to purchase a she-buffalo heifer, which has since grown up, is pregnant and likely to come in calving stage very soon. She repaid the first loan and took second loan of Rs 50000 for purchase of DJ band set, to be managed by her two sons. Next, she took Rs 50000/- for purchase of Jai mall set with generator, yet another family business venture for providing services for marriages in villages. Two of her sons are looking after the business. She grows different kinds of vegetables in the one bigha land owned by the family. With the better earnings from the business and agriculture, the family has come out of poverty. The illiterate housewife is now a changed person. She says that happiness has come in the family thanks to the wisdom and financial support she got through her SHG. Her SHG is running very well and she has good faith in the group.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, January 2019