Kamla Devi’s Story of Self-Reliance

Kamla Devi is a member of Maa Durga SHG and belongs to Musafirkhana block in Amethi district. She says she is very thankful to SHG for the amount of information she has received from SHG.

‘My first two children were born at my home and I was not aware of the institutional delivery, in fact, no one around my home was aware of the institutional delivery’ said Kamla.

She said that it is through SHG that families in the village have started understanding the importance of nutrition in the diet of the pregnant mother. She also mentions the number of times she has taken a loan from SHG for different activities. Firstly, she took a loan of Rs. 10,000 for buying a buffalo and later a loan of Rs. 25,000 for marrying off her sister-in-law. One of the biggest achievement that Kamla mentions is the step she has taken for educating herself. She has filled the class 9th form and wishes to pursue her education further.

‘SHG has instilled a confidence in me make myself self-reliant, and I will go ahead with this aim in life’, Kamla mentions.

– Alokita,