90. Kamla Devi’s Success Story

Kamla Devi is a successful member of Ma Durga SHG in Baijnath ka Purwa of Sadwa Chandrika block in Pratapgarh district. She belongs to a joint family of three brothers straying together in a home. There are 14 members in the family consisting of 6 children and 8 adults. The family has only 12 biswa of land (about one third of an acre). This was a poor family in which all four male members were working as laborers. Kamla struggled very much before joining the group. She never thought that her condition would improve. It was at this time she joined her SHG three years before.

Attending SHG meetings gave her confidence. She availed a loan of Rs. 5000 from her group and started a ‘Chat” business in the nearby Antu market. Encouraged by its success, she took another loan of Rs.15, 000 and bought a pushcart and started a vegetable vending business in the same Antu market. Her third loan from the group was Rs. 40,000, which she used for buying a milch buffalo. She is selling the milk and generating daily income out of her dairy activity. Through her influence, her family is growing vegetables in the 12 biswa of land owned by it. Thus, through Kamla Devi’s initiatives, at present the family has four income generation activities i.e. chat business, vegetable shop, and sale of milk and vegetable cultivation.  Income of the family is around Rs 500/- to 600/-per day other than the occasional wage income from labor of other male members of the family. The husband of Kamla is running vegetable shop and chat business is taken care of by her father in law. The family has come out of poverty and all the members are now happy. Children are school going. Kamla has got primary education up to 5th standard. Kamla says boldly that her transformation has taken place because of her SHG, which is running well for the last 3 years. Kamla is proud of her contribution to the family and can now talk boldly and confidently before anybody.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, January 2019