Smt Kamlesh is the member of Jai Ambe SHG in Berra village of Harrington Ganj block of Faizabad district. Her family of 3-member is having a negligible size of 6 biswa land for cultivation. Thus the family remained very poor with out any source of income other than seasonal agricultural labour. Once she joined SHG, she foresaw possibility of starting a dairy activity and took a loan of Rs. 20,000. Investing the same, she procured a buffalo and started generating income from sale of milk. Next time she took a loan of Rs. 10,000 for starting cycle/ motorcycle repairing and spare parts shop on the road, to be operated by her husband. Now there is stock of spare parts worth more than Rs 40000/. This shop is running well. From the above two income generation activities i.e. sale of milk and the shop of repairing and spare parts, her family is earning Rs 300/-to 400/-daily. Family is out of poverty. She has repaid the entire loan and now would borrow for purchase of one more buffalo and thus expand her dairy activity.  Kamlesh is an illiterate housewife. For her SHG became her school. She has overcome her feeling of inferiority and she is very confident now. She says, “I have got recognition in the village because of my SHG”.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, January 2019