I 247. (July 22, 2019) : Kanchan’s Story of Success

“I want to be a woman who is known by her name for the work that she has done.”

Kanchan is a member of Jap Mo Kaali self-help group in a small village of Sarai Gokul in Dhanpath Ganj Block of Sultanpur District. Kanchan’s story is a story of perseverance and determination.

Coming from the social category of Other Backward Classes, she led a life filled with discrimination.

“People always recognized me by my husband’s or father’s name. I was referred to as someone’s wife or someone’s daughter. No one knew my name. I had no identity of my own.”

The financial conditions of Kanchan’s house were such that she was only able to afford the bare necessities.

In 2010, Kanchan joined self-help group under RGMVP. Once, she joined the SHG she started saving and attending the regular weekly meeting. Kanchan also took money from her SHG on various occasions –

Rs 50,000 for purchasing buffalo

Rs 40,000 to free mortgage land

Rs 10,000 for children education

Rs 20,000 for agricultural activities

Rs 65,000 for building a house

Rs 30,000 for purchasing Invertor

She also took money for constructing a toilet. Apart from financial aid, Kanchan also garnered knowledge on best practices of health and nutrition.

“Today, people know me by my name. I have an identity of my own. People from other villages also know me. This is what I have gained. I gained respect and self-confidence. I can proudly call myself an empowered woman who takes her own decision and made an identity for herself”‘