Kesav Kumari is a member of Priyanka Gandhi self-help group, from Berhampur village, in Mohanlalganj block of Lucknow District. She joined her group on 31st August 2009 and now works as a treasurer.  Keshav Kumari’s story is a story of struggle, and determination and how she broke all the shackles and transformed herself and the situations around her.

“Being from a very poor family I did not have enough resources, No one supported me or my family. My husband did not have a source of livelihood. I was in deep poverty. During the course of my marriage, I gave birth to a baby girl, No one in my family was happy. I  was ill-treated and had received lots of taunts. After 3 years, I got pregnant and this time it was a daughter too. My in-laws asked me to leave the house along with my husband.”

Self-help group came as a ray of hope for Kesav and her family, She joined the group and started to attend the meetings. Through meetings, she became an active member, she got her group CCL and then took out Rs 25000 and bought a buffalo.

Kesav took money from her SHG on various occasions –

Rs 25000 for purchasing a buffalo

Rs 12000 for daughter’s education

Rs 10,000 for opening a painting shop for herself

Rs 40,000 and started the business of embroidery

Rs 50,000 for cow rearing

At this point of time, Kesav has more than one source of livelihood, both her daughters are educated and one is working as ANM. Kesav’s determination led her to a place where she now has her own pakka house, a business of her own, her husband is also working. From being a helpless woman who was asked to leave the house due to no fault of hers, she has now transformed herself into an independent, confident woman who runs her house, and business.

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