I 208. (April 17, 2019): Kunti Devi: Story of Change

Kunti Devi is a member of Kavi self-help group from Devpura village of Haidergarh block, Barabanki district.

She is the treasurer of her self help group as well as the block organization, and also the president of her village organization.

“Before joining the SHG, the condition of my family was bad. My husband did not have any livelihood. I had one bigha of land, which was on the mortgage. I did not step out of the house and had no role to play in the decision making of my family. I accepted my fate until some women from Rajiv Gandhi Mahila Vikas Pariyojana came to form SHGs.”

Rajiv Gandhi Mahila Vikas Pariyojana came along as a source of hope. The women formed their SHG with 12 members.  Kunti voluntarily worked as Samooh Sakhi which enabled her to go to out and form other SHGs.

Kunti learned to save monthly and opened a shop by borrowing Rs 1000 from her SHG, She later took on Rs 5000 and freed her land from the mortgage. She cultivated her land and now uses the grains for her family consumption, and the surplus of the grain from cultivation is sold. The money that she received from selling the surplus is now used in sending her children to school. She also took Rs 50,000 from her SHG and purchased a tractor.

“From being a woman who did not step out of the house to a woman who now goes to other places as a Community Resource Person (CRP), My SHG has helped me a lot. It has transformed me into a completely new person. Today, my monthly income is around Rs 15000. People in my village know me as an empowered woman, all because of my SHG. I have knowledge regarding health, agriculture, rights, and entitlements. I have formed SHGs outside my block. Now, my family involves me in all the decision making. All Thanks to my SHG.”

Sara and Rampal Meena