Kushma Devi – Leading the way

Name – Kushma Devi

Village – Gokula Buzurg Besaahi

Village Organisation – Safal Mahila Gram Sanghatan

Block Organisation – Shikhar Mahila Gram Sanghatan

Block – Rehra Bazaar

District – Balrampur

Kushma Devi, belonged to a very poor family. No one in her family could afford any form of education, hence they were illiterate. She was in purdah and wouldn’t move out of her house, let alone do any outside work. She had no information on issues like health, agriculture, rights and entitlements or financial literacy. She was living her life in misery.

In 2014, a Community Resource Person (CRP) team from RGMVP visited her village and informed them about self-help group. They made them aware about their rights and entitlements. With 11 women from her village a Self Help Group was formed.  16 SHGs formed one Village Organisation.

With the help of Self Help Group we gained more information and confidence as we got to speak in Village organisation in front of a lot of woman. I can now speak for myself and take a stand. I fought with the goons of our village and got myself and 20 other village women their ration cards

Rajiv Gandhi Mahila Vikas Pariyojna gave Kushma Self-confidence, as now not only can she step out of her house but also goes to Bank, Police Station, Court, whenever necessary.

Transformation from being a woman who was in purdah and didn’t step out of her house to a woman who now fights with goons and goes to police station for not only her’s but other women’s rights and entitlements I came a long way. I’m proud to call myself a woman.

Pankaj Srivastava