Lakshmi Devi is a member of Maa village of Gangapur in Alampur Jafarabad block of District Bareli.  She is a member of Ganga Wali self-help Group

She mentioned

‘Before joining SHG my family’s economic situation was very bad. Even I faced a lot of restrictions did not get out of the house, so I did not have any information’

‘When Devaki Didi of Sultanpur came 6 years ago in my village then she told me about the Self-Help Group. Then we formed Ganga Women Self Help Group with 16 members and started saving 100 rupees. I opened a shop for Rs. 60000 through which I earn Rs. 300 per day. From the shop, I also paid Rs 150 rupees monthly installments then my group had a CCL of Rs 85,000. I took Rs. 15000 from SHG again and with savings from my shop, I bought a buffalo of Rs. 32000, and started earning Rs 90 per day from the milk.’

Lakshmi Devi also took a loan of Rs 25,000 from the group and bought a boring machine.

She also mentioned that her family situation has improved after joining the SHG and children are studying in good school