92. Lakshmi’s Success Story

Lakshmi Devi is a member of Jyoti Women Self-Help Group and lives Suhagpur village of Shahbad block in Hardoi district. She mentioned that her family situation was not good earlier.‘We were living in extreme poverty earlier. We have very little farming. My Husband was working hard day and night. My children were not able to go to school’.This changed after she joined the group.‘One day sister came for forming Self-Help Groups in the villages. They talked about eliminating poverty through savings and interlending.  We understood their point and formed a SHG, A few days SHG account was opened’.

With every savings, my belief in SHG grew. Lakshmi has taken loans from SHG several times. She took a loan of Rs.3000 initially and invested in her agriculture land. Later took a loan Rs 49000 from the group, and she along with one more sister from SHG opened a cosmetic shop through which they are able to earn Rs. 300 to Rs. 500 rupees per day. She is also able to educate her children now.

Lakshmi is proud of her Self-Help group and said that the CCL of her SHG is now Rs. 100,000.

‘I have been able to motivate other women in SHG to start their business, big or small and have their own source of income.’ Proudly said Lakshmi.

-Ankit Kumar.