Lalita finances her husband to go to Malaysia for employment

Lalita is a happy SHG member in Kapurpur village of Chattoh block of Amethi district. Her husband is working in Malaysia and sends back money every month.  She has five children and  four of them including two daughters  are studying.  Her eldest son is running a shop. She has constructed a brick house. She cultivates 2.5 bigha land. She has a buffalo, six goats and one cow.

All these has happened in the last seven years after Lalita joined the Viaks SHG in her village. At the time of joining, her poor household land was indebted to a money lender. Her first action was to borrow Rs. 30, 000 from SHG, redeem the debt and get the land freed. From there started her progress and she availed for settling her son with a and finally sending her husband ,who was a laborer, to Malaysia for a job. For this she availed Rs. 90,000  from SHG. The SHG system also helped her to increase her knowledge of best practices agricultural and dairy activities.  A woman from backward class community, her SHG has helped her greatly in breaking hierarchy and now she has come a long way from the times of discrimination and poverty stricken past.

PS Mohanan