63.Learning the skills through YWSHG: Rekha

Rekha is a member of Radha Young Women Self-Help Group from and lives in Bhadokar block of Banda district. She joined Young Women Self- Help Group three years back.

Rekha mentioned that her financial condition at home has never stopped her from aspiring and aiming big in her life and the confidence to achieve her aims has increased after joining Young Women Self-Help Group. Rekha has started learning computer skills recently and she is thankful to her YSHG.

‘It is all because of the training that I have received for doing a survey and we were trained on how to use the tablet for feeding data’, said Rekha.

Rekha mentioned how she was earlier not aware of email and retrieving information through Google but now she has learned all of this.

‘I was amazed to see people using the computer but now after learning the skills of survey and data feeding through the computer, I have become confident’. She told how SHG has not only  help to learn these skills but also, the skill of leadership and confidence. She has learned a few self-defense skills recently.

‘We also learn about health and hygiene, these pieces of training have benefitted to discuss our own body and menstrual hygiene management’, said Rekha.

‘The skills that I am learning through SHG will help me the future and I always motivate other girls in my village to join Young Women Self-Help Group.’ Rekha mentioned