Smt Mamta is a member of JaiMa Vaishnu SHG in Bhav village of Rahi block, Raebareli district. This illiterate woman from a scheduled caste family joined SHG in 2010. She says that SHG has given her everything, an identity as a woman,  respect, a way to look ahead in her poverty stricken life and hope for future. The joint family has 1.5 bigha land and faming was the main source of livelihood. As the income from agriculture was not sufficient for meeting the family requirements, her husband, the eldest in the family, had to emigrate to Delhi for work to take care of the family.  Once Mamta joined SHG, she took a loan of Rs. 25, 000 from SHG for improving agriculture. She also took a loan of Rs. 40,000 from her group to set up an automobile garage for the younger brother of her husband.  She also took loan of Rs. 50,000 from the group and purchased a buffalo, which is yielding 5 liters of milk, part of which she sells. She wants to educate her two children as much as they can study. She also wants to set up a Vehicle Wash service near the garage so that her husband also can come back and settle. She is empowered, having shed off her fear and gained self- confidence. She is happy and hopeful of a bright future.

P S Mohanan, January 2019