81. Manu Devi : An Active Social Capital

Smt. Manu Mishra is a member of Vindhya Vasini SHG in Mayas Village of Jamo block, Amethi. She is a live example of how the SHG social platforms enable village women to break barriers.  Married to Shri. Pradip Kumar of a poor family in the village, this young woman faced all societal barriers before she joined the SHG in 2013.  Having studied up to inter, her first goal was to continue her studies and she just completed her MA in English! She took a loan of Rs. 30,000 to help her husband to buy a pickup. He drives the pick up by himself and it is the major source of livelihood for the family.  Her second loan of   Rs. 50, 000 was to construct a home with two rooms with brick walls and tin roof. Manu could develop her leadership qualities in these years and now she is a community volunteer in Jamo block supporting the women institution building and empowerment process in 10-gram panchayats of the block. She has two children and her ambition is to educate them. Her self-esteem, identity and social status are all thanks to her SHG. She has a vision of a bright future for her children and she is very confident. She is an active social capital in the block.

By P S Mohanan, January 2019