I 235. (July 04, 2019): Maya’s story of incredible transformation :    

She is Maya w/o Pramod Kumar and member of Jai Bajrangbali SHG under RGMVP in Kamlanagar village of Shahgarh block in Amethi district. Her family was landless and poor. Family has five members i.e. husband, herself, two sons and one daughter. Prior to joining the group by Maya husband was working as casual labour and there was no other source of income and that was the reason why the family was in the grip of poverty. Maya was very hesitant in talking with anybody and was mostly confined within four walls of the house. Future appeared to be bleak and greatest misery was thought about children’s education and their future. After coming in the group in June 2012, gradually light and hope emerged and she started gaining confidence. She had taken cumulative assistance of Rs 1,05,000 from her SHG for undertaking income generation activities as under:

  1. Rs 5, 000 for purchase of a kiosk (Gumati) to open a kirana shop.
  2. Rs 10,000 for purchase of kirana stock
  3. Rs 30, 000 for Galla business (grain merchant)
  4. Rs 50, 000 again for grain business
  5. Rs 10, 000 for extension of house. Till such time she was living in a shared house and now her family is living in a separate portion of the said house.

Wholesale grain business and kirana shop her income generation activities are running very well giving handsome income between Rs 18, 000 to Rs. 20, 000 per month. Husband is taking care of grain business and Maya has engaged herself in kirana shop business. She is educated up to 5th standard and all her three children are school going. Now Maya can go out of the house freely for attending meeting etc. Family is out of poverty and family members are enjoying happy life. She gives whole weightage of this happy life to the SHG, which is running very well.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, July 04, 2019