77. Meena buys land in her name

Meena Pandey of Vindya Vasisni SHG in Mayas Village in Jamo block, Amethi district joined her SHG 13 years back. Though she belonged to the  general category  in the society, she was extremely poor at the time of joining SHG. She had all inhibitions and sense of insecurity and inferiority like any other village women of that time. She could go to school only up to 8th class. She was married at a young age and has three children. She lacked confidence, was shy in communication and always used to be in purdha.  All these changed after joining SHG and she is a transformed woman now.

Once in SHG, she learned to use opportunities by seeing what others do in the group. She availed loan of Rs. 10,000 and purchased a cow. Next, she availed Rs. 13,000 to help her husband for meeting the expenses of securing a job as a security guard.  Her greatest achievement is that she purchased a plot of land (3.5 biswa) in her name  by taking a loan of Rs. 20,000 from her SHG.  She was inspired by another SHG member with same name Meena of the same village Mayas who broke the social norm and purchased land in her own name. Meena Pandey thought that if the other Meena could buy land in her name, why not she?

By P S Mohanan January 2019