Meena – Earns Respect through her Self Help Group

Name – Meena

Self Help Group – Daniyankar Swayam Sahayta Samooh

Village – Kerpiya

Block – Musafirkhana

District – Amethi

Meena mentions that she came from a very orthodox family, where women were not allowed to step out of their houses, they were asked to remain indoors and do the household chores. Meena, belonged to SC community, and due to the societal norms she faced a lot of inequality.

Initially, when a woman came to create the self-help group in Meena’s village, her husband did not allow her. He said “I won’t give you any money if you joined the group” Against her husband wishes she joined the self-help group in August 2014, and since then her life changed. “That was the best decision I ever took”

Since then there is no stopping to Meena’s life. She received information on various issues of health, agriculture, financial inclusion etc. She started saving (through stitching). She also received information on NREGA, and its opportunities. Meena borrowed money from her self-help group quite a lot of times. Firtsly, she borrowed 3000 rs for purchasing goats, then 5000 rs for opening a shop, she also purchased a sewing machine. Now, she has 2 sewing machines she along with her daughter sew and earn money through that.

She married off her daughter at the age of 25 “I did not go by the conventional norms of the society and married my daughter when she was ready and completed her education. I got this information from my self-help group itself”

During her daughter’s wedding she borrowed money from her SHG, that’s when her husband realised the importance of her SHG. “Now, he doesn’t stop me from going to any meeting, in fact he is the one that encourages me. SHG has changed my life in the best possible way, I have earned respect from my husband, equality among my SHG members. I am very happy”

Sara Saad