80. Meera’s Journey of Self-Sufficiency

Meera is a member of Bhairon Baba Women Self-Help Group and lives in Narayan Dev village of Kachauna block in Hardoi district. She recently joined the group but changes in her life started as soon as she became a member of the group.

‘ When I first wished to join the SHG, no one among my family members supported me, my husband said that he will complain about me to my mother, it was tough to convince them.’, said Meera.

After a few days, Meera came to know about training on growing flowers and how with less investment in this farming, more income can be earned. She decided to take up this as livelihood activity and when her husband returned home in the holidays of Holi festival, she told this to him.

Meera husband got convinced.

Meera took a loan of Rs. 3000 from SHG and invested it in floriculture. After 3 months, results were fruitful and she got a profit of Rs. 7000. With the profit that she earned through this livelihood, she was not only able to repay her loans but also started new livelihood activities. She again took a loan of Rs. 30000 and together with the earnings from floriculture, she bought livestock worth Rs,.42000.

‘Through SHG, I was not only able to start new sources of livelihood but now I train other women in SHG for health and agriculture. I have gained a lot of knowledge in diverse fields because of my SHG. Now, I take decisions in the family, my family income has increased and children are going to school, this is an important achievement in my life.’ said Meera.

Ankit, January 2019