Meet the Self Confident – Archana

Archana 23, is a part from Yuva Balika Self Help Group. She comes from a remote village in Harchandpur Block, Raebareli district. She joined the Young Women Self Help Group of RGMVP in 2015. Archana got married on 4th July 2018. Currently, she is preparing for her Police Examination.  Education is something that interests her the most.

“After joining the SHG, I understood the importance of education. I couldn’t study further as I fell sick and had to discontinue my Bachelors but through SHG I gained knowledge on topics like Health, Agriculture, Finance, Self Defense and Family Planning which I wouldn’t have known otherwise. SHG taught me things that I couldn’t learn at school.”

Even after getting married, she is preparing and giving Police and Railway Examinations. “I had my railway exam one day prior to my marriage, but that did not stop me from giving my exam. I’m not subjected to any barriers, and am out of purdah, even at my in laws place.”

Her husband supports her decision of studying further and working after marriage. In fact, Archana mentions that her husband gets her forms of any examinations. I get full respect from him and my In Laws.

When asked about her plans on having Kids, She mentioned “I am not planning to have kids for another 2-3 years as I am focusing on my career. My husband and I have mutually decided that we will have kids only after 2-3 years.”

Archana is thankful to her SHG for imparting her knowledge on Family Planning.  She now uses those ways and has also made her sister in law aware about the same.

“I feel happy and secure that I have planned my family according to my needs and convenience. I feel confident and independent as a woman who can take her own decisions. My time in the YW SHG gave me courage and self-confidence which is helping me for a happy married life.”  

Sara Saad