She is Mithilesh, a successful woman of Saraswati SHG in Asalpur village of Baba Bhelkarnath block, Pratapgad district. There are seven members in this family with just 10 biswa of own land.  Husband of Mithilesh was working as labour.

She was very poor before joining the group and felt incapable of doing anything to improving the financial conditions and overall status of the family. After joining the group, her attitude, outlook and confidence level changed for the better. She has taken following loans from the group:

  1. Rs 10, 000 for education of children.
  2. Rs 5, 000 for purchase of goats.
  3. Rs 15, 000 for opening a  kirana (provision) shop for her husband. Her kirana shop is running well.

From these two income generation activities, poverty of the family is substantially reduced. She is educated up to 8th standard. She is helping other SHGs of the village in writing their books. All three children are school going. She has deep faith in her SHG, which is functioning satisfactorily.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, 16 March 2019.