179. (March 20, 2019) Mumtaz gets freedom from moneylenders

She is Mumtaz, a successful member of Bakshi Baba SHG in Churiharan ka Purwa of Kalakankar block in Pratapgad district. She was very poor before joining the SHG under RGMVP. She has a large family of 10 members in the village. The family-owned negligible land of the size of just 7 biswa. It was indebted to a moneylender on account of the money the family borrowed for house construction.

Her own status and family conditions improved after she joined SHG. She has availed credit facility from her SHG to the tune of Rs 1,18, 000 and wisely invested in income generating activities and debt redemption:

  1. Rs 50, 000 for the purchase of two milch buffaloes for sale of milk.
  2. Rs 6, 000 for starting bangles and a cosmetic shop.
  3. Rs 12, 000 for goat rearing.
  4. Rs 50, 000 for repayment of old debt to the moneylender, who charged a very high rate of interest on the money borrowed by the family, at the time of construction of the house.

Now she has three income generation activities with her i.e. cosmetic shop, goat rearing, and dairy. Her family is out of poverty. She could set at rest the biggest family issue and burden of debt to the moneylender. Though she is educated only up to 5th class, she is a Samooh Sakhi and volunteers to help other self-help groups of the village. Her group is running well and family members are living a happy life. She acknowledges the timely support of her group in defeating poverty of her family.

CS Pandey and P S Mohanan, 20 March 2019