Munni Devi is a member of Laxmi self-help group, of Ituriya village, Bawan Block in the district of Hardoi. She joined her SHG on 13th April 2017. She has a small family of 4 members.

Before joining the SHG, I did not have a proper source of income. My husband used to do farming, and we used to pay our children fees through that. The condition of the family was such that it only met our basic needs.  My eldest son wanted to do business but we were not able to provide him with the funds.

When the groups were being formed in her village, she joined the self-help group immediately.

After joining the group she started to save, after some time she took money from the group on various occasions –

Rs 5000 for agriculture-related purpose

Rs 14,000 for son’s business of making toilet cleaner

Rs 20,000 for expanding business

Now, along with toilet cleaner her son has also started making floor and glass cleaner. The business expanded, and the total income derived from the shop on a monthly basis is around Rs12,000 – Rs 13,000. Her monthly savings is around Rs 4500.

“Our entire business is moving fast and with this, we are also providing employment to other people. Women are involved in packaging, while the men in marketing. My family has been financially stronger than before. The backbone of all those who came in my life was with the Rajiv Gandhi Mahila Vikas Pariyojana, which gave me so much strength through the group that I could fulfill my family and son’s dream.”

Ankit and Sara