Neelam is a successful member of Kalika SHG in Banbirpur village of Sangrampur block in Amethi district. She joined SHG in 2009. She is landless and there are five members in her family. She is illiterate but now after coming into the group, she learned to put her signature instead of thump impression. She has taken following assistance from her group:

  1. Rs 10, 000 for the purchase of a milch cow for sale of milk.
  2. Rs 7, 000 for cosmetics and parchoon(provision) shop.
  3. Rs 10, 000 for redemption debt of moneylender, which she had taken @10% interest per month before joining SHG.

From the two income generation activities i.e. sale of milk and cosmetics shop, poverty of her family is drastically reduced and she has come out of the clutches of the rural moneylender. She is unschooled but all her three children are going to school. She is empowered, her self-esteem has gone up and she is happy. She has very high faith in her SHG, which is running well.

C S Pandey, March 2019