69. Nirmala’s Success Story

Nirmala is a member of Saraswati Self-Help Group and lives in Musafirkhana block of Amethi district. She has been a member of Self-Help Group since 2008. She narrated her story of change and progress.

‘ Earlier It was even hard to remember the route of my home and I used to forget the lanes of the localities. In a situation like that,  how would we join the group and attend the meeting? ’, said Nirmala.

Nirmala’s husband is usually sick and is a patient of Asthma. The responsibility of the family lies mainly with Nirmala and she is thankful to her SHG for being the significant support for her.

‘ We have not only been a part of the SHG, but also a part of the great change. It is through our SHG that we have received training on various important topics that relate to our lives such as health, agriculture, and finance.’

Nirmala mentioned that she has taken a loan from her SHG several times. She took a loan of Rs. 20000 to release her land which was on the mortgage when she joined her SHG. She also took a loan of Rs. 10,000 for buying a buffalo. She has taken loans on several occasions for her husband’s medication. She has five children, 3 girls, and 2 boys, her 2  daughters are married while the other 3 children are studying. She aims for her children’s better life and wishes to give the best education.

Nirmala’s land was infertile earlier but through NREGA, she got her land tilled. Now, she uses sustainable and organic methods of farming on her land.

‘ I use Shivansh which is  18 days method of compost on my land. My land is improving and production has also increased.’

‘It is through information that we receive from SHG that we are moving ahead in our lives’, she mentioned.

Alokita, January 2019