Omwati is a member of Ganga Women Self-Help Group and lives in Alampur block of Jafarabad district in Bareilly.  Belonging to a marginalized community, she was not earlier even aware of her neighbors and was not allowed to step out of her house.

Omwati joined SHG 6 years back.

‘I started saving Rs. 100 every month, and slowly understood the importance of it.’ Said Omwati.

Omwati took a loan of Rs. 5000 from CCL account of her SHG for boring and irrigation of her agriculture land.  She also got training on 18 days method of composting and organic methods of farming such as jeevamrit.

‘I grew paddy crop on my 10 biswa land and used compost. The cost of my production was reduced this time as I used compost and Jeevamrit and didn’t buy fertilizers from the market. I also used this 18 days compost for plantation of Peppermint. I got a total profit of Rs. 5500 from peppermint plantation.’ said Omwati.

Omwati’s said that she feels confident for the effort she has done for her family needs and for meeting the aspirations of her children and their education. She mentioned that she has obtained an identity after joining the group and this makes her proud.

Deepanshu, January 2019