I 211. (May 09, 2019): Parvati becomes CRP: 

Parvati is a member of Uday self-help group in Thorathiya village of Banikodar block from Barabanki district since 2013. She is the treasurer of her self-help group.

Before joining the SHG, the financial conditions of her family was very poor. Parvati was bounded by the shackles of social barriers as she did not step out of her house. “For the initial 10 years of marriage, I had only seen my maternal and in-laws house. Those were the only two places that I have been too, as I was chained to the four walls.”

After joining the SHG, Parvati began to feel confident as she started to talk and put her point across in the meeting. She started taking part in facilitated training and discussion. It was only after joining the SHG, that her children were admitted to a good school for which she took out Rs 5000 from her SHG.

Parvati also took money from SHG for the following –

Rs 5,000 for children education

Rs 5,000 for purchasing a sewing machine

Rs 10,000 for cow rearing

Rs 15,000 for agricultural purposes

Rs 40,000 for dairy shop

“Today, I have my own dairy shop. The monthly income of my family is now Rs 15,000, I have managed to come out of poverty which has only been possible because of my SHG. Seeing the impact of SHG on my life, I have formed 20 SHGs in my block. I have also had the opportunity of going out as a Community Resource Person (CRP). My Self-help group is my strength as it has given me immense power and today I am out of all the barriers.”

Sara and Rampal Meena