Phoolmati – “SHG is my family”

Name – Phoolmati

Village – Karpiya

Self Help Group – Jai Maa Durge

Block – Musafirkhana

District – Amethi

Phoolmati came from a very poor family, with no constant income. She did not have enough money to pay for her children education. Initially, when she joined the self-help group she was scared of taking money out it but when she saw other women taking out money and then repaying it she gained confidence and took out 10,000 rs and purchased a cow. She repaid the amount in a year, by selling cow’s milk.

“Apart from financial inclusion I also gained a lot of knowledge on Health and Agriculture. I made Shivansh Khaad myself and used it in my field not only my soil quality and productivity increased but I also saved a lot of money by not purchasing chemical fertilizers.”

She again took 20,000 rs for her daughter’s wedding. When asked when she married off her daughter she said “I married off my daughter at the age of 22-23, when she was ready and completed her education. She also teaches at a nursing school right now and earns well for herself my second daughter also works as an Asha Bahu, and the youngest one is doing a Computer course. We don’t go by the normal norms that daughters cannot work. I learned this through my Self Help Group. That women are less than no one and everything a son can do, a daughter can too.

With the help of money taken from her self-help group she also freed up her land out of mortgage. She also installed a water pipe service at her home.

“It has been more than 10 years that I joined this SHG, It has now become a part of my family. Like if there is any problems in the family, all the family members come together to solve the issue, such is the case with our SHG. Now, we stand united!” 

Sara Saad