Project Description

Rural Livelihood Enhancement and Poverty Reduction

Along with financial stability, livelihood development an enhancement can help the marginalized section of the society to harbour economic independence and increase their income levels. By focusing on women of the community, development in livelihood activities bring women in the larger scenario of economic stability within the household while challenging the social norms and breaking their barriers to traditional systems.Developing an Informal Seed Systems through SHGs, a three-year project funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation aims to address issues around availability, accessibility and utilization of seeds to ensure seed security and nutrition security by advocacy keeping women as the prime locus. The project is implemented to address the challenges faced due to limited access to quality seeds. Improved varieties are developed and disseminated by small and marginal farmers who are part of the SHGs, providing a medium of leverage to the SHG social platforms of women. This facilitates an informal seed production system within the community. Currently, the project is spread across 32 blocks from Amethi, Lucknow, Pratapgarh, Raebareli, Sultanpur, Unnao districtRGMVP provides extensive hands-on training and exposure on System of Rice Intensification (SRI) and System of Wheat Intensification (SWI) techniques to the women farmers to enhance their yields without extra inputs, while significantly reducing the water usage, hence the total cost of productionRGMVP has started propagating the Berkeley Method of Composting among the small and marginal farmers after The Hans Foundation introduced it to RGMVP. The method produces quality compost from easily available waste materials around the household and little cow dung and takes only 18 days, compared to other conventional methods of composting, which take up to 45 days

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