CA 005. (June 15, 2019): Power of Unity:  

Shiv Kumari blamed her destiny for plaguing her life with restrictions, dependence, and problems. She accepted her fate and thought she would never get her house back and would remain homeless. Little did she know that the power of the Collective could achieve anything.

This is the story of how a collective action of a Village Organisation helped a woman get her land back after 10 years.

Shiv Kumari, member of Shiva Mahila self-help group was in deep trouble as her brother-in-law occupied her land not allowing her to stay. The regular passage that would lead to her house was closed and stopped to avoid her access to the house. Shiv Kumari tried all the ways from going to the ‘Pradhan’ to seeking help from the government officials, but nothing came to her rescue.

The members of her Village Organisation Sankata Maiya decided to help her to get her land back. They went to her brother-in-law to resolve the issue, but that did not work.

The women collective did not step aside took a major step and decided to approach the District Magistrate. They wrote a letter narrating the entire incident mentioning the problem.

The District Magistrate immediately took action by sending the ‘Tehsildar’ along with ‘Lekpal’ commanding justice to Shiv Kumari. The case that was pending since the past 10 years was brought to light by the unconditional mutual support of the members of the Village Organisation that stood together to grant Shiv Kumari justice.

Now, Shiv Kumari is living happily in her own house that she was not once allowed to enter by her brother in law. “It took me 10 years to get my house back, all because of the efforts of my sisters of the Village Organisation. Together all the women came together to give me justice. Such is the power of our “Sangathan”.

“Humara Sanghtan Humari Shakti Hai”