66. Prabhabati’s Story of Change 

Name – Prabhabati

SHG – Durga Swayam Sahayta Samooh

Village organization – Shankar Gram Sanghtan

Gram Panchayt – Krudinaraynpur

Block – Dohrighat

District – Mau

To quote Prabhabati “I come from a community which is very backward. The economic situation of my family before joining the group was not good.”

Before joining the self-help group, Prabhabati had 30 biswa of land, out of which 12 biswa was infertile and 18 biswa fertile. The use of chemical fertilizers added to the misery by resulting in low productivity. More input and less output. Not only there was no standard form of income but the family was also incapable of having a proper nutritious diet which caused her family to be unhealthy.

“After joining the SHG in 2013, my life changed for better, now I along with 11 other members of my SHG, save Rs. 100  every month. Currently, we have more than Rs. 70,000 rs as savings. As of now I work as a secretary in my SHG.”

Prabhabati has taken a loan of Rs. 25000 and Rs. 10,000 from her SHG respectively. With her 1st loan she purchased a cow and used to milk the cow twice. She repaid the amount my selling the milk which she got from the cow in the morning, the evening milk she used it for her families consumption which made them healthier. In this way not only her loan got repaid but her family also benefited. She used her second loan to meet of cost  for agricultural activities like tilling, irrigation and seed.

“With the help of my family members I have made more than 70 piles of Shivansh Khaad (18 day compost), which I used both for my field and also as a means to earn income. With the use of Shivansh Khaad and SWI technique, I got a yield of 27 quintals of grain. Each quintal was sold at 1450 rs, I received a total of 39,150 rs. The input was only of 10,000 rs and I got a profit of 29,150 rs”

She also used the similar technique in production of potatoes, wheat, pea and carrot. The productivity of all the crops were very good, and she earned around 70,000 rs from those.

“All these things wouldn’t have been possible if Rajiv Gandhi Mahila Vikas Pariyojana didn’t give us information on the practices of Shivansh Khaad, SWI, SRI, Jeevamrit, Kitchen Garden etc. I’m very grateful to RGMVP, as it improved my life for better.”