My name is Rachna Devi, I come from Milak block in the Rampur district. The name ofmy self-help group is Lakshmi. The name of my Gram Panchayat is Karega. My Block Organization is Milap Mahila Block Organization. My self-help group has been there since the past three years, and I have been a part of it ever since. In my family, along my husband, I have four children; two boys and two girls. Before joining the self- help group, I had very little land for cultivation and my husband used to stay indoors as he had no form of job. There was not enough income in the family, and we couldn’t even send our children to school. After joining the self-help group, we started to save a little. I narrated my problems to the members of my self-help group and took a loan of Rs 3000. I used that amount for enrolling my daughter in school. I repaid the money back within few months. The next time I borrowed an amount of Rs 10,000 for starting the work of embroidery. The enterprise started doing very well. We had a good source of income from it. I repaid back the amount too to the SHG. Meanwhile, our SHG got a CCL of Rs. 60,000 from bank, out of which I took a loan of Rs 20,000 and opened a grocery shop for my husband. Right now, the financial status of my family is really good, we are happy and content.

Currently, I’m also working as an Internal Social Capital (ISC) in the self help movement in RGMVP. Few months back at a women empowerment function, I sang a song and the District Magistrate awarded me Rs 1500, as an appreciation. All these things have only been possible because of my self-help group. It has taught me a lot of things, and all I am today is because of it.

Dipanshu and Sara