Rajdei is amember of Jai ma Durga SHG in Petuaganj village of Rudauli block in Faizabad district. SHG of Rajdei is more than 4 years old. There are 9 members in Rajdei’s family i.e. wife, husband, 6 daughters and a son. This was a very poor family having onebigha land, which the family was forced to pledge to a moneylender in lieu of taking loan of Rs 15, 000in connection with marriage of Rajdei’s eldest daughter. Husband’s right leg is paralyzed. Entire burden of the family comes on the shoulders of Rajdei. Financial support from the SHG helped Rajdei to a great extent. After joining the group Rajdei took following loans from the group:

  1. Rs 4000 for education of children. All her children are school going except the eldest daughter who could not go to school as there was no school nearby.
  2. Rs. 15, 000 for paying to the moneylender for taking back the pledged land. This land is now being cultivated by Rajdei herself is the main source of livelihood.
  3. Rs. 20, 000 for purchasing a milch buffalo that isyielding 5 to 6 liters milk daily.

From cultivation and sale of milk, poverty of the family is minimized and the family members are happy. She is illiterate woman but after joining the group, she learnedto sign. Rajdei is focusing much on the education of her children. She acknowledges, ” Hamari garibi me mere samooh ne saath diya“. This meant that her group stood beside her in her poverty. Her group is running well and she has great faith in it.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan February 2019